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The Unveiling of Darkness CD cover Anthology Two 2-CD cover Anthology One 2-LP cover The Portland Improvisations cd cover NVVOE Fire of the Unitive Path cd cover Primaera cd cover Seven Directions Divergent cd cover Substantia Innominata 10 in. vinyl cover Immersion cd cover Emergence cd cover Transmigration cd cover Vespers cd cover Mariner Sonique cd cover

        Voice of Eye performs and records deep ambient, shamanic, sonically organic, love drone, galactic ritual, evolving experimental, and heirloom quality antique industrial music. Voice of Eye processes real-time acoustic events through electronic effects to achieve their signature sonic atmosphere. Always on the lookout for new sonic revelations, they invent many of their own instruments. Members Jim Wilson and Bonnie McNairn formed Voice of Eye in 1989 in Houston, Texas. Voice of Eye self-released 3 CD's on Cyclotron Industries in the early 90's titled Mariner Sonique, Vespers, and Transmigration, in addition to many other releases. Jim and Bonnie took a break from music to build an off-the-grid earthship in Taos, New Mexico. Returning to music in 2007 they toured Europe and released Emergence and Immersion on Conundrum Unlimited, their new in-house record label. These two improvisational CD's were re-released in 2009 on Old Europa Cafe (Italy). 2008 saw two rare U.S. performances in California, and 2009 Voice of Eye toured August-September in Oregon, California and Arizona, including festivals Stella Natura and Sacramento Audio Waffle. Also in 2009 Drone Records released a 10" vinyl record Substantia Innominata and a new full-length CD Seven Directions Divergent on Conundrum Unlimited. 2010 Primaera mini CDR came out on Taalem of France, and NVVOE: Nux Vomica and Voice of Eye produced a collaborative CD: Fire of the Unitive Path :: the three rivers. On the same night in 2009 of the NVVOE recordings, the duo also recorded with Thomas Dimuzio, sparking a long-awaited collaboration titled The Unveiling of Darkness finally released in December 2012.

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