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Unveiling of Darkness CD Cover

Thomas Dimuzio and Voice of Eye
The Unveiling of Darkness

CD: Record Label Records RLR-35 USA

Like minds united for "The Unveiling of Darkness" CD (also to be issued as a limited-edition double LP) as Thomas Dimuzio and Voice of Eye worked together from near and afar to record as one. A brief correspondence in the early 1990's brought the artists into contact and found them eager to collaborate, yet it wasn't until 2008 when they would finally meet at the San Francisco IAMINDUST festival. The next year found them each performing again, but this time a studio recording session ensued. Jim Wilson's incredible home-spun instruments and the angelic yet demonic pitch-perfect voice of Bonnie McNairn are processed and fractured through the sonic lens of Thomas Dimuzio. Highly focused, the recording session embarked while relishing in the twilight of an ocean sunset from their San Francisco vista. The light and environment couldn't help but to influence the studio improvisations which were refined, overdubbed and eventually transformed into the sky scored patterns and heavenly bodies of the darkness unknown. The album's expressive cover photos capture similar textures and striking moments in time.
Six-panel Digipack design with sunset photos from the studio by T. Dimuzio. Released Dec. 2012, USA

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Anthology 2 Album Cover

Voice of Eye Anthology Two 1992-1996

Double CD: Transgredient Records TR-08

This is a collection of early rare & unreleased tracks from the U.S. dark ethno/drone cult-project recorded 1992-1996, all re-mastered by VOICE OF EYE themselves. You can find here the famous "Sprocket" 7" for Drone Records (1994), the lost mCD for ND that was never released (1995), rare compilation tracks (some of them never came out), plus a complete rehearsal for a live show (1996) and an extract from Tryst 8 (split Cassette with BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, 1995).
ANTHOLOGY 2 is the second volume of rare material, the first one was released last year on the prolific VINYL-ON-DEMAND label as do-LP. This is also the first non-Troum CD-release on Transgredient Records as they couldn't resist to release this fantastic material !!
Six-panel Digipack design with historic photos by Conundrum. This edition 1000, released Feb. 2011, Transgredient Records, TR08, Germany.

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Anthology 1 Album Cover

Voice of Eye Anthology One 1989-1991

Double LP: Vinyl On Demand VOD80

Anthology One is culled from the first three cassette releases by Voice of Eye; Isolation, Voice of Eye and Resonant Fields / Hot Gypsy Fink Hell, all three Tapes released on their own Cyclotron Industries Label between 1989-1991. These are the earliest recordings by Voice of Eye.
Voice of Eye can be doubtlessly described as the protagonists and godfathers of the special genre of Ambient-Ritual-Music. Their specialty is "organic sound sculpting": a form of electronic ethnic ambient music that relies mainly on electronic drones and manipulated instruments including instrumentation with special self-built instruments. The music is all improvised over a period of two years and covers the evolution of their early sound. It will immediately catch your attention and pulls you into an altered but extremely positive state of mind. This is the first in a series of Anthology releases documenting hard to find Voice of Eye material and previously unreleased recordings to be released on several labels in the near future.
Gatefold designed by Jim Wilson. This edition 600, released 2010.

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Portland Album Cover

Voice of Eye The Portland Improvisations

Factory CDR: Conundrum Unlimited CU5

In August of 2009, Soriah invited Voice of Eye to play for his Atlan CD release party in Portland, Oregon, USA. In the anxious hours before a show what does Voice of Eye do to unwind and pass the time? Well, play a little music of course! Scouring Soriah’s house for instruments, they commandeered some unfamiliar and handmade devices to play with. The result is The Portland Improvisations, where Voice of Eye are at their most raw and unadorned. Here are three minimalist improvisations that float in dark time haunting the listener with lost landscapes from distant worlds. Minimal and oppressively ominous they are perfect for a rainy afternoon on Altair IV.
Also included as a bonus track is “The End of All Things”, the latest studio recording by Voice of Eye about the loss of a hard drive. The track lures the listener in and then liquidizes and deconstructs all hope leaving a powerful and ravishing emptiness stripped of embellishment.
Full color digipack and disc design by Jim Wilson. Factory pressed CD-R. Limited Edition of 500. August 2010.

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Voice of Eye


11”x17” full color striking mandala poster that will open your 3rd eye.

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Transmigration Album Cover

Voice of Eye Transmigration

Cyclotron Industries CYCICD333
Long out of print, now available by download.

The impossible to find CD from 1995, Transmigration has now been remastered and re-released for digital download. Transmigration is known as the darkest, scariest VOE release ever. What do you expect: it's all about death and beyond, as the name implies. But if you do not fear the greatest mystery of life, then you may not get the shivers in yer timbers. It is now available from the iTunes store and Napster. If you've been waiting to get yer paws on this, now is the time for rejoicing! Create a new ritual to burn everything away!

Click here to go to Napster or visit the iTunes Store.

NVVOE Fire Album Cover

Fire of the Unitive Path
:: the three rivers ::

CD: Auricular Records auricd41 and Conundrum Unlimited cu4

Alchemical structures of beauty and noise described in this 2009 collaborative improvisation of Nux Vomica and Voice of Eye, recorded at Auricular Studios, CA, and co-released by Auricular and Conundrum Unlimited. Full color artwork by Alan Herrick. March 2010.

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Primaera Album Cover

Voice of Eye Primaera

Mini CDr: Taalem of France alm62

New from Voice of Eye arrives a soundscape of creaturely communications emanating from an organic primordial world. Preceding the human tribal social orders were the ways of the forgotten and unnameable beings. The listener will be transported deeply beyond the lizard brain to unknown realms. Recorded in the coastal redwood forests of northern California. 18 minutes. Full color disc artwork by delphine ancelle-b. January 2010.

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Emergence & Immersion Album Cover

Voice of Eye Emergence & Immersion: Improvisations Vol. 1 & 2

Double CD from Old Europa Cafe

Old Europa Café of Italy has re-released Emergence & Immersion in a fine 2-CD 4 page full-color digifolder, re- mastered with a new bonus track, “Peacock Symphony”, offering 2½ hours of music. Now those impossible-to-find, extremely limited CD-R releases are finally available… on factory-pressed CD’s!

Spontaneity and raw emotional expression punctuate and keen throughout. Although completely improvised, the music seems amazingly composed. One can intuit that the musical re-uniting of this duo created a vortex in the worlds. The track titles hint at experiences within the music: “My Little Vamp Creatürlings”, “Sky Breathes Stars ‘til Dawn”, “Island of Dr. Moreau Nightclub”, “Ode to Every Circus Dog”. Wildness, beauty, humor, darkness, fear, horror, yearning, grief and vast spaciousness inhabit this mysterious lively music.

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Seven Directions Divergent Album Cover

Seven Directions Divergent

$12 Plus Shipping

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Seven Directions Divergent (2009). Taking over a year to produce, Seven Directions Divergent is the third CD to be released on Conundrum Unlimited.
As artists experimenting with sound we have been inspired by many different styles of music and noise. Seven Directions Divergent pays homage to some of the diverse musical sources that have influenced us over the years from traditional Sanskrit chants to Steve Hillage to cute Euro pop to shamanic transcendence. This is an ambitious project melding many different sources together with the ethereal beauty and yearning magnificence you expect from Voice of Eye. This CD transports the listener along a narrative history of our personal journeys of change and transformation as told through the medium of sound. Seven Directions Divergent was mastered by award winning engineer Jon Gold for the best sounding Voice of Eye release to date. Comes in a Digipack with beautiful full color artwork by Jim Wilson.

Soundclips: Listen to Voice of Eye

Substantia Album Cover

Substantia Innominata

10" on clear vinyl with golden love from Drone Records...Limited to 500 copies.

This 10" has 3 tracks with NEW material (entitled "VIRYA", "DHYANA" and "PURUSHA") inspired by the wisdom of buddhist & advaitic meditation & philosophy, where the contemplation within music & sounds appears as a tool to reach a higher consciousness & awareness of reality. This highly sublime & emotional "other-dimensional" ambience is based on ethereal vocal material, flute-sounds and their typical self-built string-instruments, full of yearning and beauty - almost 39 minutes of material pressed onto clear vinyl with golden striae, with superb artwork by THOMAS DOHMEN. This is the celebration of the "Unknown", seen as a state of mind where the Ego dissolves into a timeless universal consciousness.

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